FLAV1OK, so today’s finds is one of those things I can’t stop thinking about – Flavor Paper, makers and saviors of hand-screened wallpapers.

Seriously, I love everything about Flavor Paper – they have saved an old school process, mixed it with modern technology and produce fine products with vintage images.

About Flavor Paper: “Founded on the Oregon coast by a guy named Ted, this small hand-screened wallpaper company flourished in the Age of Aquarius. Many years later, some young designers seeking striking wallcoverings discovered Ted‘s greatness – just days before the designs and equipment were to be destroyed. Knowing what had to be done, these young designers headed west to save Ted’s legacy. Relocated to the Bywater District of New Orleans, Flavor Paper continued to print using Ted‘s traditional printing methods and vacuum table, but with greatly increased accuracy and detail. Our Flavor Lab is now located in the Boerum Hill section of Brooklyn and is home to Flavor Paper‘s design, screen printing and digital printing operations. Two re-engineered versions of Ted‘s original table are the centerpiece of the Lab and the backbone of our wallpaper printing operation.”

How cool is the Empire print (above right) – from a vintage Andy Warhol print: “Warhol filmed the Empire State Building for 6 hours overnight in 1964 to create his film Empire. One still image from the film was used to create a 12’ high two panel silkscreened mural where the panels interlock at the same height allowing the designer to choose where the Empire State Building would land in the room. Or just have the Empire State Building repeat serially, which might have been what Andy would have done. The detail image shows two of the City panels with one Empire panel in the middle.”

FLAV2But of course I also love Queen Elizabeth print too (right): “This print from the 1985 ‘Reigning Queens’ series is based on a formal photograph of Queen Elizabeth II wearing a tiara during her Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977. In a nod to Warhol’s wallpaper design style and the 2012 Diamond Jubilee, we have the Queen repeating as a half drop but it can be installed in any fashion. Her majesty is only available digitally printed on a pre-trimmed (24” wide by 21’ long) and pre-pasted eco friendly material for easy installation and removal.”

I am thinking about purchasing a few rolls of Flavor Paper just to have on hand for all sorts of projects and just for inspiration – and maybe to cover a wall or two.

Learn more about Flavor Paper and sample all of their design offerings here.