Spring is bound to make an appearance someday soon and I for one intend to be ready to get out on my bike and enjoy it. I have a great bike but I am planning to invest in a new one this year and have been scouting out a few potential candidates – today I present a couple that caught my eye so far.

FF: Raleigh Bicycle’s RXC Pro Disc

RALI had a Raleigh bike when I was a kid – but it was a far cry from Raleigh Bicycle’s RXC Pro Disc.

About Raleigh Bicycle’s RXC Pro Disc: “With input from the riders on the Raleigh-Clement cyclocross team, we redesigned the RXC to provide maximum power transfer. Through its Carbon frame with Sram PF30 bottom bracket, front and rear thru axles, and more aggressive geometry designed for the modern cyclocross course, the RXC is race ready and waiting for its call up.”

Learn more about Raleigh Bicycles here.

FF: The LES bike from Pivot Cycles

LESMeanwhile, how cool is the LES bike from the fine folks at Pivot Cycles?

About the LES bike from Pivot Cycles: “There are days when the race just demands something a little (or a lot) more rigid but there’s no reason to suffer unnecessarily while sprinting off the front of the pack. We designed the LES to be the lightest, fastest race machine made and ensured that it delivered this performance at every point in the race from the smoothest to the roughest parts of the course. The LES provides all of this and more due to its ultra-lightweight ride tuned composite chassis that’s incredibly stiff in all the right places yet still the most comfortable riding race bike ever developed.”

Learn more about Pivot Cycles here.