SAT1OK, so here’s the deal, today’s find – The Saturday Market Project – is quite possible the best representation of the type of thing that make the perfect post for Lost Cowboy. The fine folks are all about design and creativity and bringing resources to those who appreciate such things.

About The Saturday Market Project: “The Saturday Market Project collaborates with creative businesses and individuals in the design of new markets, products and support services. We started SMP because we thought it should be easier to find high quality supplies, tools and raw materials at home. We’re rapidly growing and adding new make your own projects and supplies each month. To keep in touch, please join our bi-monthly Newsletter. The Saturday Market Project is based in New York and London.”

In addition to providing information and inspiration, The Saturday Market Project also curates a collection of fine products…

…items like the old school Speedy Stitcher (above right): The Speedy Stitcher is one of those tools that, once you try it, you wonder how you got along without it. It’s really that useful. The stitcher is strong enough to puncture canvas, leather, sails, hides, nylon, even bark while simultaneously sewing a tight lock stitch. And it’s easy to understand and use.”

SAT2…and the decidedly new school Chibitronics Starter Kit (right): “Circuit Stickers are peel-and-stick electronics for crafting circuits. You can use them to add electronics to any number of sticker-friendly surfaces such as paper, fabric and plastic. They allow you to build interactive projects that can light up and sense your movements without any complicated equipment or programming skills. Chibitronics starter kit is a collaboration between Jie Qi, a Grad Student at MIT media lab and Bunnie from Studio Kosagi. The starter kit contains everything you need to use Circuit Stickers.”

Visit The Saturday Market Project online here.

Browse all the great product available from The Saturday Market Project here.