HIGH1If there is one thing I have too many of… it’s books. If there is something I need more of… it is bookends. Which is why I love the bookend collection offered by the fine folks at High Fashion Homes.

In particular, I like their Renee Bicycle Bookends and the Henry Dog Bookends.

About the Renee Bicycle Bookends (above right): “Crafted in iron to give you the greatest of support for your books. Perfect for your shelf or your office, this set of Renee Bicycle Book Ends is a creative and fun solution for your stack of books.”

HIGH2About the Henry Dog Bookends (right): “Made with 100% Polyresin, these comically designed Bookends finished with a rich poppy orange shade are an extraordinary shelf accessory that will be a great addition to any decor. This product is also the ideal gift for any person who enjoys elegant and fun decor shape as a dog.”

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