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OperaOne of my most prized possessions is a pair of opera glasses my mother gave me for Christmas many years ago. So I am thrilled to see that you can still purchase a new pair of classic styled opera glasses like the Vixen Concert Mini Opera Glass I found from the fine folks at Mr. Star Guy.

About the Vixen Concert Mini Opera Glass from Mr. Star Guy:

“Unique opera glasses with a classical look. Designed not only for function, but also to look elegant in any surrounding. The handle can be folded in to make the Concert Mini easier to carry.”

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JZ1In this day and age of inexpensive office and desk supplies it is great to see that there are still fine folks out there that make great high end desk items that are really works of art. Fine folks like those at Jac Zagoory Designs.

About Jac Zagoory Designs:

“Jac Zagoory Designs is a pen and desk art company conceived by Jac Zagoory in 1995. The company is dedicated to designing original, thought-provoking writing instruments and pewter desk accessories which include unique pen holders, staplers, and staple removers. We also provide custom designs for corporate clients.”

I love Jac Zagoory’s Mini Write no Evil monkey pen holder (above right) – “Reminding us not to write evil.”

JZ2Or for something really special, check out Jac Zagoory’s Shark Stapler (right):

“Raw power. To the Chinese the shark is a sign of virility, wealth and power. Sharks and snakes are often used as tongue-in-cheek gifts for attorneys and Hollywood agents. In business it can represent experience to be reckoned with. Dress up your desk and turn a mundane task into joy. With so little on our desks these days whatever does go on it should speak volumes of our individuality, hobbies and interest. Reach for Inspiration!”

jz3Meanwhile, if you are still looking for the perfect gift for that special friend of yours who may or may not have  recently celebrated a milestone birthday (I think you have a year to buy a present for such events) you have consider Jac Zagoory’s Chain your Bike Desk Set (right):

“Chain your bike not your thoughts with this desk set. Pewter pen stand with Desk Pen.”

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I have mentioned in the past that my favorite summer fortnight back in New Hampshire are the two weeks that the orange day lilies are in bloom every July – generally between the Fourth of July and Bastille Day. Now in my second summer in Kansas, I have noticed that there are some of these lilies around but mostly cultivated and not really the kind that tend to be wild back home. So I was thrilled stumble upon this yesterday on my walk along the Indian Creek Bike and Hike Trail in Overland Park, KS. It truly made my heart sore.


petcCancer is a leading killer of our pets and not many people know about it. The Pet Cancer Awareness Program is designed to raise awareness and raise funds for research and treatment.

About the Pet Cancer Awareness Program: “The folks at Blue Buffalo Company created the Blue Buffalo Foundation for Cancer Research and the Pet Cancer Awareness Program (PCA) in 2003 with three important goals in mind: Cancer is the #1 disease-related killer of our dogs and cats. By generating greater awareness of the early warning signs we’re helping pet parents take the first steps toward protecting their furry family members. As with almost anything, information is power. The more pet parents know about how to minimize the cancer risk to their pets, and what to do if their dog or cat does contract cancer, the more they’re empowered to help. Research is expensive. Pet Cancer Awareness helps fund universities and clinics that study the causes, prevention and treatment of canine and feline cancer. We also raise funds to support organizations that help needy families cover costly pet cancer treatments they otherwise couldn’t afford.”

Learn more about the Pet Cancer Awareness Program here.

FF: The iittala Tanssi Dinnerware from Finn Style

finnI adore the iittala Tanssi Dinnerware I found from the fine folks at Finn Style. Just take a look and you will see why.

About the iittala Tanssi Dinnerware from Finn Style: “iittala Tanssi was inspired by the artwork Klaus Haapaniemi created for the Finnish National Opera production of The Cunning Little Vixen. Influences from Oriental and Slavic imagery, traditional storybook illustrations and even Art Deco can be found in the detailed line work. Though rich, Tanssi is surprisingly versatile and beautifully paired with other iittala dinnerware and glassware such as Teema and Kartio. Each porcelain piece is dishwasher, microwave, oven and freezer safe, making the dinnerware as sensible as it is stunning for special occasions and everyday dining.”

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FF: The Mighty Wallet from Dynomighty

DynoI love a good unique wallet – and the fine folks at Dynomighty offer many great funky wallet designs to help set you apart…

…from a Batman Mighty Wallet to the Happiness is Tiger Mighty Wallet (right) and beyond.

About the Mighty Wallet: “The Mighty Wallet® is tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable and recyclable. Made from Tyvek® (think express mail envelopes), these cool wallets resist tearing because of thousands of interlocking plastic fibers spun in random patterns, giving them incredible strength. The ingenious origami construction was and is the original folded paper wallet designed by Terrence Kelleman. The stitch less design reinforces the materials own strength and allows these very slim wallets to instantly expand and adapt to your own personal storage needs. The Mighty Wallet® will expand right before your eyes.”

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REDC…or you could stop by Dollar Tree and fork over one American dollar bill and purchase the decidedly down market (but totally awesome) Red Plastic Party Cup String Lights.

About the Battery-Powered Red Plastic Party Cup String Lights from Dollar Tree: “Light up the party with these fun red plastic cup string lights! Battery-powered string lights are a fun way to illuminate walkways, landscaping, outdoor patio areas, and tiki bars. No wiring required, just pop in 2 “AA” batteries (not included) and hang the light sets anywhere.”

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GLASSOK, I am not a huge fan of composer Philip Glass’ music. I find it stark, simplistic and repetitive.  That said, I am a huge fan of the artistic process and those who have been successful in the pursuit of their vision.  Mr. Glass has certainly been successful and his story is interesting as told in his new memoir, Words Without Music. There is no doubt, no matter my taste, that Mr. Glass is a musical genius and to see how he came to be the composer that he is compelling.

About Words Without Music by Philip Glass: “A world-renowned composer of symphonies, operas, and film scores, Philip Glass has, almost single-handedly, crafted the dominant sound of late-twentieth-century classical music. Yet here in Words Without Music, he creates an entirely new and unexpected voice, that of a born storyteller and an acutely insightful chronicler, whose behind-the-scenes recollections allow readers to experience those moments of creative fusion when life so magically merged with art. ‘If you go to New York City to study music, you’ll end up like your uncle Henry,’ Glass’s mother warned her incautious and curious nineteen-year-old son. It was the early summer of 1956, and Ida Glass was concerned that her precocious Philip, already a graduate of the University of Chicago, would end up an itinerant musician, playing in vaudeville houses and dance halls all over the country, just like his cigar-smoking, bantamweight uncle. One could hardly blame Mrs. Glass for worrying that her teenage son would end up as a musical vagabond after initially failing to get into Juilliard. Yet, the transformation of a young man from budding musical prodigy to world-renowned composer is the story of this commanding memoir.”

In Words Without Music, Mr. Glass shows that he is a talented storyteller as well as a composer and he spins a compelling tale of boy who grew up around music and made it his calling.

Words Without Music by Philip Glass is available from Amazon and other fine book retailers.

porkYou just think you don’t like pork rinds…

…because you have never tried the amazing Pork Clouds I found from the fine folks at Bacon’s Heir.

About the Pork Clouds from Bacon’s Heir: “Pork Clouds are wonderfully fluffy crisps made from salt cured pork skin: so fluffy that we cannot reasonably call them pork rinds and had to change the name. They are the ideal accoutrement to a craft beer, a sandwich, or even as croutons in a salad – adding flavor and crunch without all the carbs.”

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PIGI have been accused of having decidedly upscale tastes with many of the things I “find” – but I take that as a compliment as I like nice things.  Today’s find, the Disc String Lights I found from the fine folks at Pigeon Toe Ceramics, are decidedly upmarket and they are gorgeous.

About the Disc String Lights from Pigeon Toe Ceramics: “A set of ten or twenty-five porcelain shades, glazed on the inside in the color of your choice. Shown in citrus. Indoor/outdoor cord with 12” bulb spacing. Set of 25 shades is a 26 ft long WHITE cord / set of 10 shades is an 11 foot long green cord (as shown in photo). The set of ten is not available with a white cord, sorry. Simple assembly required.”

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BeadI have never been one to go on organized vacation trips, but call it an expedition instead of a tour and have the fine folks at Roadmonkey leading the way and I may consider it.

About Roadmonkey: “Roadmonkey is about living life like you mean it. Our goal is to produce thoughtful small-group expeditions that avoid the clichés of tourism and instead reward you with connections to people and places others can’t see. Our expeditions challenge and reward you. Sometimes, that happens during the adventure; other times, as you and your expedition mates build a sustainable project. A lot of bright, creative, high-achieving roadmonkeys have called the experience transformational.”

I am eying the Patagonia expeditions to get a different view of Argentina than my past trips to Buenos Aires.

About Roadmonkey’s Patagonia Expeditions: “Pick one of two routes into the rugged, pristine beauty of Patagonia. The first is less physically demanding than the second. Both are ridiculous – in a good way. Patagonia: Glacier & Backcountry: Take on the natural wonder that is northern or southern Patagonia: trek a glacier, paddle a pristine lake, horseback into rolling countryside, hike into wild backcountry. Patagonia Extreme Ice: A 5-day trek across the Patagonia’s permanent southern ice cap. You’ll be roped in. You’ll pull your own gear sled. You’ll camp on the ice. A glacier experience of a lifetime. Then it’s onward to cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, the vibrant cultural capital of South America, to direct some of that positive Patagonia energy into a 3-day volunteer project.”

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