jeff2The fine folks at distillers McLean and Kyne make the wonderful Jefferson’s Bourbon. I purchased a bottle of the fine Kentucky whiskey that is Jefferson’s a few years back and enjoyed it very much. I remember I saved the bottle because I liked the flat shape and the image of Thomas Jefferson embossed on the glass.

I had totally forgotten about the bottle until I spotted in on the sill of a window in the old New Hampshire barn when we were cleaning it out last month. I snapped this picture and thought it was pretty cool.

The sight of the old bottle made me want to try Jefferson’s Bourbon to help drown my sorrow for having to clean out that afore mentioned barn… but that’s another story.


About Jefferson’s Bourbon: “We make our bourbon in small batches, ridiculously small batches. This enables us to showcase the different flavors that result from the wood in each barrel, as in the case of single barrel bourbons. We maintain the consistency that is found in small batch bottling. It’s like making dinner for 8 friends rather than a group of 80 people. We bottle seven different varieties of bourbon and rye and are always experimenting with new blends and processes that challenge the conventional thinking of what bourbon and rye can be.”

Learn more about Jefferson’s Bourbon and where to find a bottle near you here.