NEARI have often thought how bizarre it was to travel to another state or country only to find that the postcards and souvenirs you see there are made in other places.  Most notably, for the longest time there was a large postcard printer in Boston, where I lived for many years, and when I would go to place like, say, Chicago, the postcards I bought there were printed in Boston.

Well, the fine folks at SouveNEAR – right here in the great city of Kansas City, MO feel the same way I do – that when buy a trinket to remember your trip to somewhere special you would prefer to have that item come from that place – not made in China.

About SouveNEAR: “Scrambling through the last few precious moments of a great vacation to find a little something to take home to someone we love. Or to the friend who fed the cat. We want something unique, something that really represents a city we have come to love, something stylish and fun. We rush in to the souvenir store only to settle for something generic—produced far away and destined for the back of a drawer. It struck us as a little sad that so many souvenirs offer only the name of a city—and none of the story, none of the spirit. Wouldn’t it be great if our souvenirs were created in the same place our memories were? SouveNEAR seeks out and showcases local artists who capture the vision of their cities. Partnering with these talents, we curate our favorite items and also commission new works that are designed and produced locally.”

Check out the KC products of SouveNEAR here.