BeadI have never been one to go on organized vacation trips, but call it an expedition instead of a tour and have the fine folks at Roadmonkey leading the way and I may consider it.

About Roadmonkey: “Roadmonkey is about living life like you mean it. Our goal is to produce thoughtful small-group expeditions that avoid the clichés of tourism and instead reward you with connections to people and places others can’t see. Our expeditions challenge and reward you. Sometimes, that happens during the adventure; other times, as you and your expedition mates build a sustainable project. A lot of bright, creative, high-achieving roadmonkeys have called the experience transformational.”

I am eying the Patagonia expeditions to get a different view of Argentina than my past trips to Buenos Aires.

About Roadmonkey’s Patagonia Expeditions: “Pick one of two routes into the rugged, pristine beauty of Patagonia. The first is less physically demanding than the second. Both are ridiculous – in a good way. Patagonia: Glacier & Backcountry: Take on the natural wonder that is northern or southern Patagonia: trek a glacier, paddle a pristine lake, horseback into rolling countryside, hike into wild backcountry. Patagonia Extreme Ice: A 5-day trek across the Patagonia’s permanent southern ice cap. You’ll be roped in. You’ll pull your own gear sled. You’ll camp on the ice. A glacier experience of a lifetime. Then it’s onward to cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, the vibrant cultural capital of South America, to direct some of that positive Patagonia energy into a 3-day volunteer project.”

Check out Roadmonkey expeditions here.