JZ1In this day and age of inexpensive office and desk supplies it is great to see that there are still fine folks out there that make great high end desk items that are really works of art. Fine folks like those at Jac Zagoory Designs.

About Jac Zagoory Designs:

“Jac Zagoory Designs is a pen and desk art company conceived by Jac Zagoory in 1995. The company is dedicated to designing original, thought-provoking writing instruments and pewter desk accessories which include unique pen holders, staplers, and staple removers. We also provide custom designs for corporate clients.”

I love Jac Zagoory’s Mini Write no Evil monkey pen holder (above right) – “Reminding us not to write evil.”

JZ2Or for something really special, check out Jac Zagoory’s Shark Stapler (right):

“Raw power. To the Chinese the shark is a sign of virility, wealth and power. Sharks and snakes are often used as tongue-in-cheek gifts for attorneys and Hollywood agents. In business it can represent experience to be reckoned with. Dress up your desk and turn a mundane task into joy. With so little on our desks these days whatever does go on it should speak volumes of our individuality, hobbies and interest. Reach for Inspiration!”

jz3Meanwhile, if you are still looking for the perfect gift for that special friend of yours who may or may not have  recently celebrated a milestone birthday (I think you have a year to buy a present for such events) you have consider Jac Zagoory’s Chain your Bike Desk Set (right):

“Chain your bike not your thoughts with this desk set. Pewter pen stand with Desk Pen.”

Check out all the great pens and desk art of Jac Zagoory Designs here.