DSCF3971Last weekend I made my way to the great Overland Park, KS Farmers’ Market, an institution in this Kansas City suburb for more than 30 years.

Although I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the charming small town New England Farmers’ Markets, I can’t help being awed by the pure scale of the OP market and the abundance the farms of Midwest have to offer.

The market was in full swing on Saturday when I stopped by. I purchased some great potatoes, green onions and yellow summer squash from a few different vendors. And then I happened upon the booth of Pastimes Farm of Lincoln, MO. I was intrigued by Pastimes’ large offering of local farm-raised meat products and just had to try some.

I purchased a few chicken breast and a dozen eggs. I made the eggs for breakfast on Sunday and they were indeed fresher and tastier than the average supermarket eggs. Then I cooked a chicken breast in my slow cooker along with the potatoes and onions I bought at the market and it was a yummy dinner.

I love a whole meal sourced from local producers at a local market – and this was one of the best.

Learn more about the Overland Park Farmers’ Market (Saturdays and Wednesdays in season) here.

Learn more about Pastimes Farm of Lincoln, MO here.