merz1Nestled in the Lincoln Square neighborhood on Chicago’s North Side is a gem of a shop, Merz Apothecary – a throwback to the great shops of old.

About Merz Apothecary: “Our view is that your health is too important to take chances with. We believe that you’re better off with a product selection that has been carefully honed over more than a century. We believe you’ll be healthier if you use the finest products from around the world; products that promote external and internal health, and mental as well as physical wellbeing. And finally, we are sure you’ll be better served by a staff that has 140 years of accumulated experience and constant interaction with people in need of help. Our goal is still the same as it was on opening day in 1875: to provide the best service and products to help our customers lead happier, healthier lives. If that seems a bit grand, it’s not. It’s only what you deserve. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to serve you better.”

merzMeanwhile, lucky for us, Merz has a great online shop called Sunflower, where you can purchase many great products. Sunflower has a great Natural Health section, where you can get all sorts of great classic products like the Classic Ohropax wax ear plugs (right): “Ohropax ear plugs are made from a soft wax compound covered with cotton. They provide a comfortable fit into the ear canal while creating an efficient seal against noise or water entry. Ideal for sleep, study, travel or noisy workplaces. Swimmers and bathers can keep water out of their ears.”

Merz Apothecary’s Original Location is at 4716 North Lincoln Avenue in the great city of Chicago, USA.

Visit Merz Apothecary’s online store – Sunflower – here.