FF: The Cut Spike Nail from Paxton Gate

paxI love the look of a good vintage nail – but I think I really love a new nail made in the old timey style, like the cool Cut Spike Nails I found from the fine folks at Paxton Gate.

About the Cut Spike Nail from Paxton Gate:

“Crafted by hand using a ‘nailer’ from circa 1865, these steel-plated nails can add a rustic feel to any home project. Built for heavy construction, they are able to handle projects ranging from nailing wooden plank down or even bridge building.”

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FF: The colorful fabrics of Les Toiles Du Soleil boutique

fabI love colorful textiles and I love the old word process of weaving and looming quality fabrics. The fine folks at Les Toiles Du Soleil make and sell such fabrics (and related products) at their boutique in New York, and lucky for us, in their online shop.

About Les Toiles Du Soleil: “Our company was founded 150 years ago in a little town in the Catalan part of France called Saint Laurent de Cerdans. Thanks to a man named Joseph Sans, who introduced power looms to the area, the town became known as the place to buy authentic espadrilles made by hand using the colorful fabrics made in his factory, called Sans et Garcerie. By the 1960s, business was booming and the factory employed over 170 workers. In the 1990s the factory was sold to Mr. And Mrs. Quinta. They took this traditional fabric famous for its quality and durability and made it more cheery while maintaining a contemporary and sophisticated look. They also renamed the company Les Toiles Du Soleil, which means ‘the cloth of the sun”. While the fabric is renowned in Europe, Australia and Japan, it wasn’t very well known in the United States (except to insiders like Martha Stewart who, at one time, offered it in her catalog). The first retail Les Toiles Du Soleil opened in New York City in the winter of 2008 by Jean-luc Carrucciu and Sandrine Guibert, who is from the very town where the company was born.”

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