FF1I really like the fine decanter I found from the fine folks at The Future Perfect – the Loos Liqueur Decanter.

About the Loos Liqueur Decanter from The Future Perfect:

“With its clear, uncompromising concept of form, the architect Adolf Loos was ahead of his time. The glass of this decanter, featuring a fine, satin polished brilliant cut, was designed by Loos, executed by Lobmeyr, and was first produced for the ‘American Bar’ in Vienna.”

However, at a price point of nearly $1,000 – I may have to wait until someone makes a gift of the Loos Decanter. In the meantime, I can make do with the Gibson Home Easley 5-Piece Square Decanter Set I found at Walmart. Yes, Walmart. At least this decanter comes with four glasses.

Find the supremely elegant Loos Liqueur Decanter from The Future Perfect here

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