I know what you are thinking: “Enough with the Seattle posts already!” Well, I have plenty more to share, but today’s finds will wrap up a week of posts and finds from my recent trip to Seattle and I will slip the rest in here and there in the coming weeks.

FF: Ray’s Boathouse

IMG_1152I don’t post a lot about restaurants, but while in Seattle I was treated to a lovely dinner at a local institution, Ray’s Boathouse. In addition to great food and service, Ray’s Boathouse is right on the water facing west overlooking Puget Sound with the Olympic range in the distance – which is the perfect setting in which to dine at sunset.

About Ray’s Boathouse: “Ray’s seafood restaurant in Seattle serves the freshest seafood prepared with classic technique and global inspiration. Situated on the shores of Ballard overlooking Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, Ray’s iconic seafood restaurant and bar believes in offering sea to plate fare while supporting sustainability and our local rockstar fishermen!”

Ray’s Boathouse is located at 6049 Seaview Ave NW in the great city of Seattle, WA.

FF: Tully’s Coffee

tullI am tempted to say that there is a Starbucks on every corner in the company’s home city of Seattle, but it seems that there is a Starbucks on every corner in every city these days. Nothing against the undisputed leader in the coffee world, but on my trip I was drawn to a smaller chain of Seattle coffee shops, Tully’s Coffee.

About Tully’s Coffee: “Prior to opening the first Tully’s store in Seattle, Washington back in 1992, we made a promise to offer the finest coffees available by sourcing only Arabica beans from the world’s best coffee-growing regions. We’re obsessed with our trade and that’s why we serve coffees that have been crafted by hand, in small batches. It’s this commitment to quality that has helped us become the Pacific Northwest’s largest fully handcrafted coffee retailer.”

Learn more about Seattle’s Tully’s Coffee here.

Visit Tully’s Coffee’s online store here.

FF: San Juan Island Sea Salt

sanjaunI am a salt collector, so what better memento of my trip to Seattle than some local salt? Like the salt from San Juan Island Sea Salt – harvested in the beautiful San Juan Islands north of Seattle and south of Vancouver.

About San Juan Island Sea Salt: “Our salt is solar evaporated and hand harvested in unheated hoop-houses making the process completely driven by the sun. Unlike many sea salt makers, we allow our seawater to completely evaporate, bringing in the whole mineral wealth of the sea to broaden the flavor. Sea Salt you buy in the store is generally 99% pure NaCl (sodium chloride). However, naturallly the ocean is only about 80-85% NaCl, and this difference is where our salt packs in a whole lot more flavor! Our sun powered evaporation is quiet, seasonal and low input. Contrast that with boiled salt, which can take as much as 2 pounds of liquid fuel to make 1 pound of salt.”

Learn more about San Juan Island Sea Salt here.

Visit San Juan Island Sea Salt’s online store here.