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lawProtecting our natural resources is one of the most important things we need to do as citizens. Although regional, the Southern Environmental Law Center is a worthy organization to support as they work with national groups to protect our environment beyond the six states they serve.

About the Southern Environmental Law Center: “SELC uses the power of the law to champion all the things you love about the South: clean water, healthy air, mountains, forests, rural countryside, and the coast. By working at the national, regional, state, and local levels and in all three branches of government, this organization is able to do what it takes to get results. We strengthen laws, we make government agencies do their job, and, when necessary, we go to court to stop environmental abuses or to set far-reaching precedents.”

Learn more about the great work of the Southern Environmental Law Center and how you may support them here.

FF: The Croots Canvas Cartridge Bag

ff5I have never shot a rifle and I don’t ever plan on it. But I am in love with the Croots Canvas Cartridge Bag I found from the fine folks at Mississippi-based Circle Seven Outpost & Provisions.

About the Croots Canvas Cartridge Bag: “Canvas and leather cartridge bag has a capacity of 100 cartridges and has a hinged speed load opening allowing for easy access:100 cartridge capacity; Hinged speed-load design allowing for easy access; 2″ wide cotton webbing shoulder sling for extra comfort; Suede lining; Loden Green with Tan Leather Trim. Made in England.”

See all the great offerings of Circle Seven Outpost & Provisions here.

FF: Vanilla Salted Caramel Malvi

ff6I have posted about Malvi Marshmallow Confections before – but that was before I tried their Vanilla Salted Caramel Malvi… now I am in love.

About Malvi Marshmallow Confections’ Vanilla Salted Caramel Malvi: “Whole vanilla bean speckles pepper this fan-favorite Malvi with flavor. Salted caramel holds the marshmallow together with toasted petit beurre cookies for perfect ping pong flavor match between salty and sweet. It gets better with each bite!”

Check all the great treats from Malvi Marshmallow Confections here.

FF: Eucalyptus Bar Soap from Thymes

ff7I won’t lie. I love the smell of the classic Irish Spring soap. It brings me back to my childhood every time I smell it as it was the soap of choice for my dad. Maybe in the future the kids in my life now with think of me when they smell eucalyptus as I am obsessed with the Eucalyptus Bar Soap I found from the fine folks at Thymes Fragrance Studio.

About Eucalyptus Bar Soap from Thymes Fragrance Studio: “This refreshing pure-vegetable glycerin bath soap blends moisturizing jojoba oil, honey and vitamin E with fresh, crisp eucalyptus fragrance. Turns the simple act of washing into a small pleasure. Popular with both men & women.”

See all the great products of Thymes Fragrance Studio here.

HershI like everything I know about the fine folks at Vancouver-based Herschel Supply Company. Herschel Supply Company produces some of the finest backpacks, messenger bags, duffles, totes and related products you can find anywhere.

About Herschel Supply Company: “In the early 1900s, Peter Alexander Cormack and his wife made the journey from Wick, Scotland and settled in the small town of Herschel, whose population today is counted at 30 residents. Founded in 2009 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, Herschel Supply adopted the name of the small town where three generations of their family grew up. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Herschel Supply is a design driven global accessories brand that produces quality products with a fine regard for detail.”

I love Herschel Supply Company’s Columbia Messenger Bag (above right): “The Columbia is a fully featured messenger bag that comes complete with multiple storage and organization options, making it perfect for work, travel or school.”

Learn more about Herschel Supply Company here.

Shop all the products of Herschel Supply Company here.

bikeAny casual reader of Lost Cowboy knows how much I love bicycles. I can’t think of anything in our world that is more elegant or efficient than the bicycle – and don’t get me started on design and practicality. Therefore it makes sense that I like books that celebrate the bicycle, and I have found few better than The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles: Craftsmanship, Elegance, and Function by Jan Heine, with photographs by Jean-Pierre Praderes.

About The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles: Craftsmanship, Elegance, and Function by Jan Heine, with photographs by Jean-Pierre Praderes: The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles is a celebration of the design history and craftsmanship behind this simple but efficient two-wheeled vehicle. Featuring fifty classic models built by hand, this book unveils the bicycle’s technical evolution within a historical context. Beautifully detailed are early-twentieth-century models with multi-gear systems, mid-century machines where war and postwar economy challenged craft and utility, as well as modern and contemporary bicycles. Featured artisans and brands include La Gauloise, Reyhand, Schulz, Barra, Alex Singer, and René Herse. With brilliant full-color images of each model and chronological text detailing the craftsmanship that went into producing these elegant machines, this book will appeal to bicycle enthusiasts and to anyone interested in design.”

This book, with wonderful photographs, is a true celebration of the bicycle and of design meeting function and I love every page of it.

The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles by Jan Heine is available from Amazon and other fine book retailers.

plantJust outside the historic City Market in Kansas City is a wonderful old school store, Planters Seed and Spice Company, and it is awesome. Walking through the doors of Planters transports you back in time as you are greeted with the scent of spices and are treated to the long display cases showing the wares. Beyond the seeds, spices, and amazing assortment of teas, Planters offers a wide variety of items that any home gardener may need and related items ranging from the practical to the decorative.

About Planters Seed and Spice Company in KCMO: “This unique company was founded in 1924 by German immigrant Henry Wertheim as a Commission House, selling farm and garden seed. Farmers would bring their produce to the Historic City Market, and on their way they would leave an order for fresh seed at Planters. Planters would complete their orders for pick up on their way home. In 1928, Planters moved into the building at 513 Walnut. This building was constructed in the early 1870’s. Over the years Planters has expanded into five adjoining buildings. Many items have been added to satisfy the customer needs. One item was fresh bulk spices, something farmers needed because of their distance from stores. The same tradition of bulk spices, seeds, coffee, teas and many other items still exist today.”

Planters Seed and Spice Company is located at 513 Walnut Street just outside the City Market in the great city of Kansas City, MO.

From my own photo collection – the “menu” board inside Planters:


beetAnother lifetime ago, back in the late days of the last century, my dear lifelong friend Claire bought a vintage Volkswagen Beetle convertible. This car was awesome. It was baby blue and was a fun car in which to ride around the North Shore of Boston, where we both lived at the time. The only problem was the thing was falling apart and most famously had holes in the floorboards – which resulted in water drenching me one time as Claire cruised through a giant puddle. But I digress…

I tell this story only to highlight how cool the fine folks at Zelectric Motors are… In a nutshell, they take vintage automobile gems – like the original iconic Volkswagen Beetle – and convert them into modern machines – and they are very cool.

About Zelectric Motors: “Midcentury cars were made for a different world–one that had what seemed like an endless supply of cheap gasoline and no air pollution. They were never built for today’s pricey unleaded gas and greenhouse warming. But unlike cars today, they were designed with timeless character and endless appeal. Zelectric Motors offers the best of both worlds, where iconic high style fuses with today’s future-forward technology to provide an exhilarating driving experience. Zelectric Motors is taking some of the finest designs in automotive history and outfitting them to go the distance now. We’re starting with the ZelectricBug, but will zelectrify your air-cooled classic or help you find one you’ve dreamed of owning and transform it into an awesome 21st century drive. Porsches, Karmann Ghias, Things, and Buses. All perfect candidates.”

Learn more about Zelectric Motors here.

See the cool Beetle restorations – the ZelectricBugs – here.

eastI just heard the Alaska Air will soon be adding a daily nonstop from Kansas City to Portland, OR… a great excuse to plan a trip to the great Northwest metropolis and a stay at the city’s very cool Hotel Eastlund.

About the Hotel Eastlund: “Welcome to the finest luxury boutique hotel in downtown Portland’s thriving Eastside – for seasoned travelers, business professionals, and urban adventurers alike. Elegant designer furnishings convey classic style and modern sophistication. Floor-to-ceiling windows abound, filling Hotel Eastlund with natural light. Our 24-hour business center and high-speed internet allow guests the convenience to work throughout the hotel. Unwind in a Forbes four-star room, surrounded by luxurious amenities, clean lines, and attentive personal service. Whether you are in Portland for business or pleasure, Hotel Eastlund extends comfort and class with Northwest hospitality.”

The Hotel Eastlund is located at 1021 NE Grand Avenue in the great city of the (other) Portland… OR.

fandwI love garlic, I love pizza dough and I love fresh herbs – which make the recipe for Garlic Knots with Frizzled Herbs I found in Food & Wine magazine just perfect.

About the recipe for Garlic Knots with Frizzled Herbs from Food & Wine magazine: “These tender pull-apart rolls are made from prepared pizza dough, which makes them easy to assemble. They’re brushed with garlic-infused butter as soon as they come out of the oven.”

I am making these tonight with garlic I will buy at the Farmers Market and herbs from my own container garden. These will be the perfect side dish for the farm fresh free range chicken and fresh veggies (also picked up at the Farmers Market) that I am planning for dinner tonight.

Find the recipe for Garlic Knots with Frizzled Herbs from Food & Wine here.

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FF: TruBee Barrel-Aged Honey

FF2I like honey. Age honey in a whiskey soaked barrel – like the fine folks at TruBee do – and I love it.

About TruBee Barrel-Aged Honey: “Two Tennessee traditions steeped in heritage, beekeeping and whiskey making, meet when raw honey ages in a charred oak barrel that’s been soaked in whiskey by a legendary southern distillery. Use this rich, smokey honey in hot teas and toddies, drizzled on homemade biscuits or as a secret ingredient in a glaze or backyard grilling sauce. Our recycled glass bottle contains 7.5 oz of 100 percent pure, raw honey; it does not contain alcohol. Each jar comes in a muslin bag stamped with a vintage version of our classic TruBee logo.”

Find TruBee Barrel-Aged Honey here.

See all the great products of TruBee here.

FF: Sriracha Ketchup

FF3I am not on the Sriracha bandwagon quite yet, but I am intrigued by the Sriracha Ketchup I found on Mouth from Sosu Sauces.

About the Sriracha Ketchup from Sosu Sauces: “We love ketchup. We love sriracha (who doesn’t?). We had no idea how much we could possibly love the most fine-tuned combination of these two classic condiments. The sauce has only six ingredients: California tomatoes, chili peppers, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, salt and garlic. But those ingredients pack an unbelievable amount of sweet, tart, spicy and subtly garlicky flavor into each spoonful (yes, we’ve eaten it by the spoonful). Srirachup is delicious on everything from eggs to burgers to any number of rice-and-veggie dishes, and we can’t think of anything better to dip fries into. But we think it’s especially amazing on old-school meatloaf! Just coat your meatloaf with Srirachup right before it goes into the oven, and then again about 10 or 15 minutes before it’s done cooking.”

Find Sriracha Ketchup from Sosu Sauces from Mouth here.

Learn more about Sosu Sauces here.

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FF: Filfil No.7 Garlic Hot Sauce

ff4I love garlic, but find it a challenge sometimes to fit it in to my cooking due to the hassle of pressing fresh garlic, etc. However, the fine folks at Filfil have made it easier for me with their No.7 Garlic Hot Sauce.

About Filfil’s No.7 Garlic Hot Sauce: “Filfil No.7 is a spicy garlicky hot sauce, is high in garlic content and thus enjoys the health benefits associated with garlic, such as lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels and boosting natural immunity. Filfil™ is made with garlic, a variety of paprikas, oil, vinegar, salt, and spices.”

Find Filfil’s No.7 Garlic Hot Sauce here.

Learn more about Filfil Foods here.

abcA couple of things I have learned on my travels to Italy over the years: Italians know about art and they love bicycles (among many other things of course). The fine folks at ABICI do their best to combine these two and they make bicycles that are true works of art,

About ABICI: “ABICI is future memories, a bicycle in its pure conceptual form, a perfect combination of yesterday and of tomorrow, to pedal today. ABICI have the optimal pure form, as there are no wires or other attachments the sensuality of the form is highlighted, a bicycle in its naked form. ABICI, simple and harmonious with its retro simplicity and hi-tech features makes it recognizable and pure. Handmade in Italy, each piece rigorously tested.”

Check out how gorgeous ABICI’s Camporella Uomo Speciale is: “Italian handcrafted steel frame with joints and braze welding, 3-layers powder coating lacquering, Steel mudguards, Brooks saddle B67, Hand sewn leather grips, Aluminum stem and handlebar, Alloy headset, Bell by BELL, Front and rear drum, brake Sturmey Archer, Sturmey Archer 3 speed gearshift with integrated drum brake hub, Schwalbe brown tires, Michelin tubes, Ambrosio aluminum double walled rims 36 holes with stainless eyelets, 2mm stainless steel spokes, Sturmey Archer Front hub, Cartridge bottom bracket, Stainless steel bolts and screws, Battery powered lights, aluminum pedals with anti-slick rubber.”

Learn more about ABICI here.

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