FF: Six-Eleven Bicycle Co.

FF1I dream about having a custom-made bicycle – maybe someday – and when I do, it is going to be made by Six-Eleven Bicycle Co.

About Six-Eleven Bicycle Co.: “Inspired by the Great 611 J-Class steam locomotive, Six-Eleven Bicycle Co. perfectly pairs performance and artful design to create the ultimate in lugged and fillet brazed custom steel bicycles. Having studied under the esteemed Koichi Yamaguchi, builder Aaron Dykstra hand cuts and miters every tube, ensuring matchless precision in every frame. From frame to fork and stem, each build begins with a conversation, matching the rider to a carefully selected combination of tubes and materials. By fully understanding the rider’s style, Aaron crafts a balance of strength and comfort that can only come from custom design. Evoking the ingenuity and craftsmanship that made the Great 611 legendary, Six-Eleven Bicycle Co. guarantees each owner the ride of a lifetime.”

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FF: The Siglo Mini Torch Lighter

FF1I do enjoy a fine cigar from time to time (I know! I know!) And when I do enjoy a cigar I like to light it with a fine lighter not just a disposable lighter or simple match. Which is why I am drawn to the Siglo Mini Torch Lighter I found from the fine folks at Siglo Accessory.

About the Mini Torch Lighter from Siglo Accessory: “The Siglo mini torch lighter is handy and has a large gas tank for gas storage. There’s a window for checking the gas fluid level and it comes with a retractable cap for safety reason. This security cap that covers the igniter prevents any accidental ignition. The Siglo mini torch lighter also comes with an adjustable flame control at the bottom. Perfect for causal and sporting occasions.”

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