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I have lapsed in my regular reports on my container garden.  However, I am proud to say that the garden is going quite well.  There were a few tense weeks earlier in the summer when I was afraid that my plants were waterlogged.  There was a ton of rain here in Kansas in the late spring and early summer and I realized I neglected to make sure my containers had good drainage.  Anyway, today I have some great growth – with some nice peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers nearing full ripeness.  I also have a nice crop of two kinds of basil, peppermint and winter mint.

Check out my container garden gallery – click on the thumbnail below to see the full image:

hyvI am always looking for cool summer salads and something that will let the fresh tastes of the season shine. I found a great recipe for Creamy Corn Salad in Seasons, the quarterly magazine from the fine folks at the Hy-Vee supermarket chain – and it is terrific. This Creamy Corn Salad is super easy to make and with fresh corn and tomatoes it will be a big hit at you next summer party.

About the recipe for Creamy Corn Salad from Seasons magazine:

“Corn at its freshest and ripest doesn’t need to cook long f or an irresistible taste. Fresh-picked corn has more sugar than starch. Over time sugar turns to starch, so the quicker you cook the corn, the sweeter it is.”

Find the recipe for Creamy Corn Salad from Hy-Vee’s Seasons magazine here.

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