wittyI have used my share of plastic bottles in my day, many of which ended up in the recycle bins and transfer stations of my youth. I like to think those bottles have gone on to do some good somewhere or have been converted into something as cool as the “sustainable linens” created by the fine folks at BottleCloth.

About the “sustainable linens” of BottleCloth: “BottleCloth’s unique line of eco-chic table coverings, boasting bold and colorful graphics, is made of 100% recycled woven fabric sourced from plastic bottles. These innovative and functional cloths are super low maintenance, spill-resistant and boast a cotton-like softness. BottleCloth’s sustainable linens will add flair to any meal.”

Check out BottleCloth’s Witty Conversation (Wit is The Salt of Conversation) Tablecloth: “A collaboration with Danish illustrator, Ulla Puggaard, creates a BottleCloth tablecloth where bold lettering forms the unique artistry of the piece. The message sets the tone for lively gatherings around the table. This BottleCloth tablecloth makes a statement. It’s bold design acts as a wonderful backdrop to any table setting. It is this contrast of understated, yet bold design that makes this cloth such an effective decorative addition. These crisp, modern and upbeat BottleCloth tablecloths are emblazoned with eye-catching original designs. These eco-chic linens – made from recycled plastic bottles – are versatile enough for a casual meal or a formal dinner. BottleCloth tablecloths have the look and feel of finely woven fabric; they are spill-resistant and incredibly easy-to-use.”

At over $100, BottleCloth’s tablecloths are not cheap – but they are really cool and durable and will last a lot longer than that empty bottle from the last Perrier you drank.

Learn more about the “sustainable linens” of BottleCloth here.