porterThe fine folks at Porter & York are well known for their high quality meats, but they are also serving up Oyster Shooters complete in Shot Glasses for your next fun dinner party.

About the Oyster Shooters & Shot Glasses from Porter & York: “Jazz up your meal with these four ready to eat Hoods Canal Oysters in our classic Porter & York shot glasses. Each oyster is topped with cocktail sauce, individually vacuum sealed and shipped frozen preserving that fresh from the sea flavor. Just thaw and shoot!”

Meanwhile, if you don’t care for oysters (like me) you can go wrong with Porter & York’s Airline Chicken Breasts: “Porter & York’s Airline Chicken Breast is the most elegant piece of poultry available. We leave the skin on a boneless breast and keep the wing bone attached to enhance its natural flavor. The wing bone brings an added visual appeal when plated as well. Two 8 oz. breasts per order that are fresh and all natural.”

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