benuI am not one of those people that take a picture of my food – no matter how pretty it is plated – and posts it on Facebook (not that there is anything wrong with it). But I love looking at pictures of fine food, and there is no better food art than the dishes of chef Corey Lee featured in his book Benu, named after his renowned San Francisco restaurant.

Part cookbook, part memoir, and all great, Mr. Lee’s book is worth reading and looking at even if you have no intention of ever trying one of the recipes.

About Benu by Corey Lee: “The first book on San Francisco’s three‐Michelin starred restaurant Benu and its chef Corey Lee, hailed by David Chang as one of the best chefs on earth. Since striking out on his own from Thomas Keller’s acclaimed French Laundry in 2010, Corey Lee has crafted a unique, James Beard Award‐winning cuisine that seamlessly blends his South Korean heritage with his upbringing in the United States. Benu provides a gorgeously illustrated presentation of the running order of one of Lee’s 33‐course tasting menus, providing access to all the drama and pace of Benu’s kitchen and dining room. Forewords by Thomas Keller and David Chang are accompanied by additional short prose and photo essays by Lee, detailing the cultural influences, inspirations, and motivations behind his East‐meets‐West approach.”

Benu includes beautiful photography and take its place alongside other great food books by superstar chefs.

Benu by Corey Lee is available from Amazon and other fine book retailers.