beetAnother lifetime ago, back in the late days of the last century, my dear lifelong friend Claire bought a vintage Volkswagen Beetle convertible. This car was awesome. It was baby blue and was a fun car in which to ride around the North Shore of Boston, where we both lived at the time. The only problem was the thing was falling apart and most famously had holes in the floorboards – which resulted in water drenching me one time as Claire cruised through a giant puddle. But I digress…

I tell this story only to highlight how cool the fine folks at Zelectric Motors are… In a nutshell, they take vintage automobile gems – like the original iconic Volkswagen Beetle – and convert them into modern machines – and they are very cool.

About Zelectric Motors: “Midcentury cars were made for a different world–one that had what seemed like an endless supply of cheap gasoline and no air pollution. They were never built for today’s pricey unleaded gas and greenhouse warming. But unlike cars today, they were designed with timeless character and endless appeal. Zelectric Motors offers the best of both worlds, where iconic high style fuses with today’s future-forward technology to provide an exhilarating driving experience. Zelectric Motors is taking some of the finest designs in automotive history and outfitting them to go the distance now. We’re starting with the ZelectricBug, but will zelectrify your air-cooled classic or help you find one you’ve dreamed of owning and transform it into an awesome 21st century drive. Porsches, Karmann Ghias, Things, and Buses. All perfect candidates.”

Learn more about Zelectric Motors here.

See the cool Beetle restorations – the ZelectricBugs – here.