The other day while exploring Carollo’s Italian Gourmet Grocery (which is worth a post of its own) tucked away in Kansas City’s bustling City Market I fell in love with Italian products all over again – as if I needed a push. Which is why as soon I got home I jumped on one of my favorite sites for great Italian groceries: Italian Harvest.

ihpAbout Italian Harvest: “At Italian Harvest we’ve been importing artisanal foods from Italy since 2000. We’ve sought out foods that are non-industrial, typically handmade by artisans and small family-run factories that still use old-world techniques. The majority of our products are made from ingredients that are organically cultivated and processed, containing no preservatives or additives. If you’re a lover of good food or Italian culture, you’ll appreciate the treasures–from many different regions throughout Italy–that we’ve sourced for you.”

Among tons of other great things, Italian Harvest has a great line of colorful pastas (above right) that just need to be seen and tasted: “Our line of award winning, certified organic colorful pastas by Marella from Puglia and Morelli from Tuscany are made with high quality grains and natural colors derived from sources such as beets, carrots, spinach, turmeric, tomatoes and red peppers. Affectionately called rainbow pasta, they are either handmade or bronze die extruded then air dried for 3-4 days, both processes which lend to their rich flavor and rough texture that holds onto sauce.”

ihfAlso, try Italian Harvest’s Caramelized Fig Preserve:

“The rich, concentrated flavor of this caramelized fig preserve starts with fruit grown in the arid soil of Calabria, in southern Italy. Its intensified flavor can best be described as smoky, nutty, and sweet all at once. Serve with aged cheeses, roasted and grilled meats.”

Check out all the “authentic artisanal foods from Italy” offered by Italian Harvest here.

Learn more about Carollo’s Italian Gourmet Grocery, located in Kansas City’s historic City Market here.