This week wrapping up my visit to the 51st Annual WCSH Sidewalk Art Festival in Portland, ME I present a couple of artists that caught my eye.

FF: The “Elegant and Practical Gifts in Wood” from Shorescape Design.

shoreI love the work of Greg and Meg Payeur of Raymond, Me – the fine folks behind Shorescape Design. They offer some really fine hand crafted wood items like French rolling pins and salt grinders. But it’s their signature item, the Shorescape, that really draws in the crowd.

About the Shorescape of Shorescape Design: “The Shorescape is a dovetailed wooden box with glass faces that contains cleaned sand and items that we find on the shorelines of Maine along with sand dollars and sea urchins purchased from a fisherman in Biddeford, and some commercially sold shells. The pleasant ambience and careful craftsmanship, including the same dovetailed corners as those used in fine custom furniture, enable Shorescapes to sell well in a variety of retail settings including galleries, home furnishing stores, gift shops, tourist attractions and souvenir shops.”

Check out the “Elegant and Practical Gifts in Wood” from Shorescape Design.

FF: The Fine ART Etchings of Leo Donahue

shore2Meanwhile, it is easy to see why there is always a crowd around the booth of artist Leo Donahue as his etchings are of the highest quality and feature evocative imagery.

About the Fine ART Etchings of Leo Donahue: “For more than thirty years, Leo P. Donahue has been creating a unique style of etching at his studio in central Massachusetts. His work has been exhibited at hundreds of fine art shows along the east coast, and is highly regarded by both collectors and appreciators alike. He has introduced thousands of people to his highly individualized sense of aesthetics and style. On this site you will find many of the more than two hundred fine art etchings created by the artist. All work, from conception to implementation, from printing to painting, is done entirely by the artist. Each impression is an original hand-pulled, hand-tinted etching. Every piece is unique and is signed and numbered by the artist himself. With subject matter ranging from meditative bonsai and monumental trees, to classic New England countrysides and nauticals, Leo continues to refine his craft and to contribute to the field of fine art etching.”

Learn more about – and see – the Fine ART Etchings of Leo Donahue here.