chatThe other night while mixing up a batch of my world-famous sangria (seriously people rave about it thanks to my lifelong friend Lynda’s original recipe) I remarked on how thick and red the wine I used was. I spilled some on the counter and it cleaned up well, but I thought how difficult it must be when people spill wine on their clothes or carpet. But the fine folks at Château Spill have it all figured out with their excellent stain remover – which has some of the best packaging ever.

About Château Spill: “If you are ever clumsy, tipsy or just unlucky you know that the celebration of the noble grape can sometimes end in an ignoble, and hard to remove, red wine stain. No more. Château Spill™ is a brilliant new stain remover that has been especially formulated to make sure that a red wine spill no longer leaves a nasty hangover or mess (sadly we can make no guarantees about what wine you drink). Like a good Bordeaux it really hits the spot – be it on clothing, linens, sofas or carpets – and lets you concentrate on having a good time. We can all raise a glass to that! And if not ‘you’ then maybe the one you love.”

I will need to bring this with me on my annual vacation to Wellfeet (the charming Cape Cod fishing village) next week – as one of my traveling companion is bound to be “over served” and spill some wine all over a stage or something.

Learn more about Château Spill here.

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