cwkSince moving to Kansas last year, I have become increasingly interested in the history of the area, much or which I knew very little about. As a New England snob, I was always in the vein of “hey without us starting things there would be no Kansas.” However, a lot went on here in American history (and before) and it has been enlightening to pull back the layers and learn more about it. Case in point, the Civil War. Much of what I have read, as a casual Civil War buff, has been about the big battles and the war in the east and the south – but there was stuff going on out here – specifically the whole John Brown thing which I knew about but was not fully aware of the Kansas angle. Anyway, all of this is to say that I found a great primer to bring me up to speed on all of this – The Civil War in Kansas: Ten Years of Turmoil by Debra Goodrich Bisel.

About The Civil War in Kansas by Debra Goodrich Bisel: “In the 1850s, the eyes of the world were on Kansas. The Civil War in Kansas will be an overview of the years 1854 — 1865, since the war began in Kansas nearly seven years before it spread to the rest of the nation. From the repeal of the Missouri Compromise to its entry in the Union, Kansas played a small role in the war as a whole, but its effects on the state were nonetheless important. With regards to the Kansas citizens who played a part, it would be an understatement to call them colorful. From John Brown to Jim Lane, Kansans made headlines throughout the nation and the world. Bisel presents the history of Kansas during the Civil War years in an accessible way that will satisfy history buffs as well as enlighten novices.”

The Civil War in Kansas by Debra Goodrich Bisel is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers.