basI am constantly trying to infuse olive oil with the herbs I grow in my container garden. I just love the extra flavor of an olive oil with the essence of fresh basil, for example. However, for the times when I don’t have the time (or energy or fresh herbs) to do it myself, I have found the fine flavored Olive Oils of Pasolivo.

About the Olive Oils of Pasolivo: “At Pasolivo, we are passionate about providing our customers with the best-tasting, freshest, and highest quality olive oil possible. For years, our dedicated team has farmed the golden, sun-drenched hills of Paso Robles where we welcome visitors to our scenic ranch and tasting room. Our sustainably farmed olives are handpicked precisely at their prime and are pressed within hours at our on-site olive mill. Our award-winning extra virgin blends are handcrafted from the finest varietals in the world and capture both the bold flavors and exceptional health benefits of the naturally occurring polyphenols found in healthy olives. Similarly, our unique flavored blends start with premium Pasolivo olive oil and is made with only the finest natural ingredients. These delicious olive oils are blended with real herbs and fruit, and contain no artificial flavorings or preservatives.”

Try Pasolivo’s Basil Olive Oil: “Starting with our award-winning Tuscan style extra virgin olive oil made from Mission and Pendolino olives, we mill this blend with 400 pounds of fresh basil per ton of olives. We use only our own sustainably farmed olives that are grown on the sun-drenched, golden hills on our family-owned Paso Robles ranch. Our olives are picked at their prime and pressed within a few hours at our on-site mill, capturing all of the naturally occurring health benefits of the olives. This dedication to maintaining the natural essence of the olives is apparent in this flavorful oil that starts off fruity with a hint of sweetness, and finishes with a peppery note of a true premium quality extra virgin olive oil. Perfect on pasta and grilled meats, in salads, and even over scrambled eggs, this milder blend is extremely versatile and absolutely delicious.”

Learn more about the Flavored Olive Oils of Pasolivo here.

Learn more about the Olive Oils of Pasolivo here.