galAnother place to add to my list of must-visit stops on my next trip to visit my friend on the Upper East Side of Manhattan: The Nicholas Brawer Gallery. I love Brawer Gallery’s well-curated collection of Sporting Antiques and their signature naval binocular collection.

About the Nicholas Brawer Gallery: “After nearly a decade of experience dealing in antiques on Madison Avenue, Nicholas Brawer opened his current gallery in 2008, located in a neo-French Renaissance townhouse at 28 East 72nd Street at Madison Avenue. Described by Departures Magazine as a ‘jewel box of a space,’ Nicholas selects only pieces of the most impeccable quality, specializing in industrial antiques and sporting works of art. Departures characterized the gallery’s aesthetic as having a ‘distinctly masculine – if not macho – vibe and an evocative, almost poetic, quality.’ Some of the industrial antiques on view include a giant set of brilliantly polished, WWII-era battleship binoculars, a rocket-powered ejection seat from an RAF Nuclear Bomber, a table formed from the pistons of a WWII-era fighter, an eight foot long working model of a Korean War-era machine gun, and a desk formed from the horizontal stabilizers of an English Electric Lightning Supersonic jet fighter from the early 1960s.”

The Nicholas Brawer Gallery is located at 28 East 72nd Street at Madison Avenue in New York, NY.

However, lucky for us, you can browse Nicholas Brawer’s current collection online.