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Well, we’ve had a nice stretch of late summer weather here in Kansas City, but the is no doubt the seasons are changing as the days are growing short and the shadows are long. However, my container garden is still producing.

I’ve have a banner year for basil and it keep growing. The tomatoes were not overly productive this year, but I had a few here and there, enough to feel successful. The most productive plant’s I have right now are three kinds of peppers that keep sprouting out.

Here’s what my yield looked like today:


wlaThere is no shortage of photography apps for your smartphone. Heck, even the basic standard photo apps these days have all sorts of options for you to turn you pics into little works of art. That said, the find folks who have brought us the Waterlogue app for iPhone (and iPad and iTouch) have really made a better mousetrap.

About the Waterlogue app for iPhone: “Waterlogue for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch transforms photos into spontaneous, unique, and brilliant watercolor sketches that look like real paintings. The result is an app that can turn the most on-the-fly snapshot into a luminous, lively watercolor sketch. And it’s highly accessible: with a variety of presets based on painting styles and materials, and several easy-to-use settings, there are a variety of ways to customize a Waterlogue image without getting lost in too many options. The user experience is fun, fast, and yields astounding results.”

If you are like me – a fan of watercolors and someone who snaps a ton of pictures – the Waterlogue app is a great tool to take your love of art and your photos to a whole new level.

Check out the Waterlogue app for iPhone here.