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CCAF.eOK folks, if you like art fairs as much as I do (and I am guessing you may if you found your way here to Lost Cowboy) do yourself a favor and mark September 23-25, 2016 on your calendar and plan to be in Kansas City for the 85th Annual Plaza Art Fair.

This past weekend was the 84th Annual Plaza Art Fair which I attended and it was as great as ever. First, the weather was perfect. Second, there is no lovelier urban space in America than Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza. Add hundreds of high quality artists, and you have one of the best fairs going. Not to mention the food and music.

In the coming days I will post about a few of the artists I found at the Plaza Art Fair. In the meantime, here is a little gallery of some of the sites I found on my visit to the Plaza this weekend. (Click on the thumbnail to see the full picture.)

msaltWhen I was back in Maine recently I was pleasantly reminded of how cool it is to be by the ocean – literally and figuratively. Spending my second summer in Kansas where it is both hot and ocean-free, a short visit to Maine was refreshing. I could smell the ocean in the air and even taste the salty air. That last bit is what reminded me to post about the fine folks at Maine Sea Salt I found recently.

About Maine Sea Salt: “Maine Sea Salt was founded in 1998 by Steve and Sharon Cook, Sharon is from Van Buren, Maine, and Steve, is from Bailey Island, Maine. We love food and cooking and you can’t even begin without sea salt. Opening Maine Sea Salt was a natural, but not as easy as you would think. Our first product, was a 1 oz portion for cooking lobsters. The Packaging, was a hand-made envelope with the salt inside and directions on the back. I took the “Maine Sea Salt for Cooking Lobster” to the area fish markets to sell. The reaction was, ‘are you crazy?’ I begged them to try it, free, give it a couple days. It wasn’t long before they started calling and asked for more. That’s when I knew it would succeed. Maine Sea Salt is now located in Down East Maine in the town of Marshfield, next door to Machias, Maine. The salt works has grown, and Maine Sea Salt is sold thru out the United States, in Health food stores, Specialty food shops, and high end restaurants. Our packaging has grown also, Maine Sea Salt is offered in refillable grinders, a fancy gift jar for special occasions, and recloseable plastic bags for the consumer who wants less packaging and more value.”

Try Maine Natural Crystal Sea Salt: “Comes in a storable wide mouth glass jar. Consumer friendly, recyclable. Our Natural Maine Sea Salt in an easy storage jar for the kitchen. A great value! Perfect size crystal for a grinder or salt mill. Solar evaporated and Hand Harvested on the Coast of Maine.”

Learn more about Maine Sea Salt here.