shrub2A couple of weeks ago I posted about Lola’s Local Food Lab in Wellfleet, MA and praised their great concoctions known as shrubs – flavored vinegars used for things like flavoring cocktails and sodas. Ever since first discovering Lola’s Local Food Lab, I have been a shrub-using fool and looking for more ways to feed my shrub soda habit. In this quest, I have found another great provider of Shrubs, the fine folks at Bay Area-based Shrub & Co.

About Shrub & Co: “Great drinks start with great ingredients. Along with many bartenders and chefs, we’re passionate about bringing shrubs back to your glass. It is simply an amazing way to deliver flavor to cocktails or sodas. Our products are handmade by the Shrub & Co team at our beautiful kitchen in Berkeley, California. We craft our shrubs from their most basic elements – organic fruit, sugar, vinegar and aromatics. Achieving balance and bright flavor with minimal ingredients is a challenge we embrace, so we don’t use concentrates or artificial ingredients. With the exception of our locally sourced wildflower honey, all of our ingredients are organic. We love the food and drink community and want to play responsibly. We enjoy working with local farms to source the highest quality organic fruits, roots, and vinegar available. Any excess fruit from our production process feeds pasture-raised animals at nearby farms. What they can’t use is composted.”

I’ve placed an order for Shrub & Co.’s Blood Orange Cardamom: “To create this shrub, we started with delicious, organic California blood oranges. We infused the shrub with just the right amount of cardamom. This is our most elegant shrub. It pairs easily with all the base spirits, but we really enjoy it with pisco, gin, tequila and mezcal.”

Learn more about Shrub & Co. here.