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yearYou know what they say…

…all good things come from New Hampshire.

Such is the case with yours truly, and the very fine Maple Syrup from the fine folks at Yearbook.

About Yearbook’s Maple Syrup from New Hampshire: “Our new 16 ounce bottle of Pure Organic Grade A Medium Amber Maple Syrup from New Hampshire is finally here. The same fantastic syrup that people have flocked to Yearbook for since we opened, now available in this convenient portable size.”

Meanwhile, if you want something a little more spicy, try Yearbook’s Diablo Honey – habanero-infused honey, not from New Hampshire of course, it is spicy as in Wisconsin.

About the Diablo Honey from Yearbook: “With the launch of Foolish Crow Hot Sauce in 2012, our customers pleaded for more! Well, here it is. We now offer Diablo Honey and Mighty Bison Barbeque Sauce as well in convenient 8 ounce bottles. Each bottle of Diablo Honey is handmade in small batches in Wisconsin. The flavor packs a punch which is a welcome addition to any ‘real’ bbq event!”

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leftOK, so if you are like me, you still have a fridge full of leftovers from the big Thanksgiving dinner. Although I like a nice turkey sandwich or a bowl full of a little bit of everything mushed together, I am always looking for new and creative ways to use all of the leftover bounty.

Well, if there is anyone who knows how to be creative with Thanksgiving dinner and its aftermath, it is Martha Stewart herself. Martha, and her fine team, have put together 37 great ideas for using your leftover turkey, potatoes, cranberry and everything else.

Check out Martha Stewart’s collection of recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers here.

It has been a while since I have been able to check in on my favorite view in all the world – New Hampshire’s Mount Chocorua as seen across Lake Chocorua from the bridge in Tamworth, NH.

Lucky for me my Thanksgiving trip back to New England (from my current digs on the Kansas prairie) gave me the chance to check in on the great site.

Even on this day, when Chocorua’s iconic granite peak is obscured by clouds, the setting renewed my spirit.


avonIf you can’t walk it, support it: AVON 39, The Walk to End Breast Cancer.

About AVON 39, The Walk to End Breast Cancer:

“AVON 39 is The Walk to End Breast Cancer. It isn’t easy, but that’s what makes it worth it. As you train to strengthen your body, as you raise funds to crush breast cancer, as you walk farther than you ever thought you could – you’ll discover you have the power of 39.”

Learn more about AVON 39 – The Walk to End Breast Cancer – and how you can support it here.

FF: The Mountain Haus Candle from Haus Interior

hausI have found the perfect candle to enhance the experience of staying at the new getaway my family purchased in the White Mountains of New Hampshire (where I am currently enjoying the holiday weekend) – The Mountain Haus Candle I found from the fine folks at Haus Interior.

About The Mountain Haus Candle from Haus Interior:

“Blue Spruce & Cedarwood. A blue spruce needle and lavender base enhanced by the notes of cedar wood, patchouli and sandalwood. Sweeping and adventurous. Hand poured coconut wax scented with blue spruce and cedar wood. Approximate burn time: 70 hours.”

Find all the candles from Haus Interior here.

Learn more about Haus Interior here.

FF: Lumberjack Maple Bourbon Beef Jerky from Uncle Andy’s Jerky

ff3My nephew likes jerky – which is why for Christmas he will most likely be getting the Lumberjack Maple Bourbon Beef Jerky I found from the fine folks at Uncle Andy’s Jerky.

About Lumberjack Maple Bourbon Beef Jerky from Uncle Andy’s Jerky:

“After a long day felling the biggest timber around, Mac chops his appetite down to size buy munching on this hearty jerky. Glazed with sweet maple bourbon and smoked over Hickory, he savors the flavor of this offering from the Northwoods. Ingredients: Beef, Maple Sugar, Cider Vinegar, Sugar, Bourbon, Sea Salt, Celery Powder, Natural Flavoring, Spices.”

Find all of Uncle Andy’s Jerkies here.


hirstArtist Damien Hirst used the psalms from the Bible’s Old Testament as inspiration for a wonderful series of paintings, which now have been put together for the first time in Damien Hirst – The Complete Psalm Paintings. This new book, complete with the paintings and accompany psalms, and additional literary contributions, brings the art alive in context. The result is a wonderful book that transcends the medium – art and scripture combined.

About Damien Hirst – The Complete Psalm Paintings: “In 2008, Damien Hirst created a series of one hundred and fifty paintings, each titled after an Old Testament psalm, and made from butterfly wings and household gloss paint on canvas. The ‘Psalms’, in which iridescent butterfly wings combine to form kaleidoscopic patterns reminiscent of Gothic stained glass windows or Buddhist mandalas, were conceived nearly twenty years after the artist’s first use of the insect. Now one of his most recognisable motifs, the butterfly is here used to address some of Hirst’s most enduring themes: beauty, art, belief, life and death. This stunning publication provides a comprehensive survey of the series. Each of the fully illustrated paintings is accompanied by the psalm from which its title derives, the biblical text rendered on images of individually selected colour marble samples. With the addition of a complete list of works and essays by writers Michael Bracewell and Amie Corry that investigate the historical and conceptual background to the works, The Complete Psalm Paintings is an exquisite companion to one of Hirst’s most beautiful series.”

Damien Hirst – The Complete Psalm Paintings is available from Amazon and other fine book retailers.

peaI eat a lot of peanuts. Preferably, I like peanuts roasted and salted in the shell. I can polish off a whole bag at a baseball game or while just watching a movie. I usually buy the standard bag available at the local grocery store. However, for a real treat I go for the good stuff, like the Roasted-in-the-shell Salty Peanuts I found from the fine folks at Bertie County Peanuts from North Carolina.

About The Roasted-in-the-shell Salty Peanuts from Bertie County Peanuts: “There’s nothing like working feverishly to crack open a peanut knowing that your hard work will be rewarded. What lies inside the shell are some of the best tasting peanuts ever. The plain roasted peanuts are roasted and shipped without any liquid cleaning of the shells. Therefore, the shells of those peanuts will often be off color (dark brown; black; multi-colored, etc.). Those colors are representative of the soil and weather conditions in which the peanut was grown. The peanut kernel inside the shell is perfectly ok to eat and is not affected by the color of the exterior shell. In contrast, both the salted and hot and spicy roasted peanuts are subjected to a liquid curing process. The water, in combination with the salt and other spices, creates a uniform shell color by removing the dark colors from the shells.”

If you are up for a real southern specialty, check out Bertie County’s Boiled Peanuts: “Boiled peanuts are a Southern tradition and these are some of the best we’ve tasted. When you heat these up, you will be able to close your eyes and almost smell the salt air and hear the pounding surf on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. We’ve tasted a lot of boiled peanuts, but these are the best we’ve ever had!”

Learn more about Bertie County Peanuts and see all their fine offerings here.

I am currently enjoying a much needed respite in the beautiful Mount Washington Valley of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. This morning, my lifelong friend Lynda and I ventured out in to the chilly morning for a great breakfast at The Stairway Café in the heart of North Conway Village. Then we headed out to check in on one of the many amazing natural sites in the area, the amazing Diana’s Bath – which involves a little bit of a hike, but worth it when you see the majestic falls. After our hike, we stopped in at The Local Grocer, a great natural and organic store and restaurant – a great way to relieve the guilt of the candy we bought the night before (I had Chuckles) at North Conway’s legendary Zeb’s General Store. A perfect day in the perfect place.



The Stairway Café is located at 2649 White Mountain Highway in the charming village of North Conway, NH.

Learn more about Diana’s Bath in North Conway/Bartlett, NH here.

The Local Grocer is located at 3358 White Mountain Highway just north of North Conway Village, NH.

Zeb’s General Store is located at 2675 White Mountain Highway in the heart of North Conway Village, NH.

bunnyHere comes my usual hyperbole…

Today’s find is quite possibly the best thing I have ever featured here on Lost Cowboy: the Bunny Williams Dog Salt & Pepper Cellar from Ballard Designs. Seriously, mix a salt cellar with a dog motif and I am in all day. In the gifted hands of designer Bunny Williams you have the perfect decoration for your Thanksgiving table and beyond.

About The Bunny Williams Dog Salt & Pepper Cellar from Ballard Designs: “If you had to be a dog, you’d want to be Bunny’s. This charming Dog Salt & Pepper Cellar is based on a vintage silver version from Bunny’s best-in-show collection. Side pails are enamel-coated inside and lift out for easy serving and filling. In England, front pail was traditionally used for serving dry mustard. Bunny Williams Dog Salt & Pepper Cellar features: Includes 2 spoons; Brass & aluminum; Shiny nickel finish.”

Find the Bunny Williams Dog Salt & Pepper Cellar from Ballard Designs here.

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