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tf1I like a turkey on Thanksgiving. Sue me, I am a traditionalist. However, some of my favorite Thanksgivings have been when there is turkey AND a fine ham, like the Spiral-Sliced Sweet Bone-In Ham with Honey Glaze I found from the fine folks at Edwards Virginia Smokehouse.

About the Spiral-Sliced Sweet Bone-In Ham with Honey Glaze from Edwards Virginia Smokehouse: “Milder and sweeter than our salt-cured Country Hams, our popular bone-in “City Ham” is slowly smoked over hickory wood and spiral sliced for a dramatic presentation at your family table or entertaining buffet. Our honey hams arrive ready to heat and serve. Our exclusive glaze mix of honey, brown sugar and orange oil is included for you to slather on as you warm it up. Sweet!”

If you are going to have ham, you have to have the best, and the best come from Virginia and folks like Edwards Virginia Smokehouse who keep the tradition of the perfectly smoked ham alive.

About Edwards Virginia Smokehouse: “Edwards Virginia Smokehouse is rooted in tradition. Founded in 1926 by S. Wallace Edwards, Sr. – the business was started by selling dry-cured ham sandwiches to hungry passengers on the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry. Passed down generation to generation, the curing process is a mix of science and learned skill. A family-run business, fathers, sons, daughters, cousins, aunts, uncles and more have contributed to the success of the business. Follow along the Edwards Virginia Smokehouse history as they expand their product lines, transform their curing process to what it is today and keep the tradition going.”

Don’t worry – if ham is not your bag, Edwards Virginia Smokehouse can still hook you up – they have a nice line of Turkey and Turducken to make your holiday spread just perfect.

See all the fine Virginia hams and related product from Virginia Traditions here.

duckTurducken has been popular over the past several years, but it is a lot of work. So if you are looking for a variation on the turkey for this Thanksgiving or Christmas, you may want try just the duck – as in the recipe I found for Whiskey-Spiced Duck with Swiss Chard and Celery Root from the fine folks at Elle Décor magazine. Did I mention the whiskey?

About the recipe for Whiskey-Spiced Duck with Swiss Chard and Celery Root from Elle Décor: “During the holidays, I love to serve a whole roasted duck, its skin crispy and bronzed and the meat slowly roasted until it is moist and flavorful. The version we serve at Daniel restaurant, canard à la presse, is a showpiece that comes with a sauce made from a marinade of Port wine, red-currant jelly, and orange and lemon zests. This recipe is a variation on that theme. Instead of Port, the duck is steeped in a marinade containing whiskey, which imparts a deep, smoky taste. A mixture of spices—coriander seeds, pepper corns, and cloves—adds kick, while the addi tion of fresh orange juice and honey lends both tang and sweetness. Seasonal vegetables—Swiss chard for color, and celery root that has been roasted and cut into wedges—round out a meal that is perfect for any late-autumn celebration.”

Find the recipe for Whiskey-Spiced Duck with Swiss Chard and Celery Root from Elle Décor here.

FF: Monkey 47 Gin

ff1I don’t really care for gin, I am a bourbon man through and through. However, I love everything about Monkey 47 Gin – from their awesome label to their supremely enjoyable website.

About Monkey 47 Gin: “Admittedly, it appears somewhat eccentric to claim that a recipe for gin has the power to unite great British traditions, the exoticness of India, and the purity and nativeness of the Black Forest. And yet it is precisely this eccentricity that defines the enigmatic character of Montgomery Collins, from whom our Schwarzwald Dry Gin originates. His childhood as the son of a diplomat in East Asia, his military career among the ruins of Berlin, and his late-adopted home in the Black Forest supply the autobiographical background for a recipe that represents an audacious combination of native Black Forest herbs and berries and exotic Asian botanicals. A good third of the ingredients for this special gin come from the Black Forest and are definitely not what you would call typical gin flavorings! In total, 47 handpicked ingredients, prepared in extremely soft spring water from our own Black Forest source, give MONKEY 47, whose pièce de résistance is the use of local cranberries as some sort of “secret weapon” typical to the Black Forest, its unrivaled complexity and quality, which is fully brought to bear through masterly distillation and maturing in traditional earthenware containers.”

Learn more about Monkey 47 and see their cool site here.

FF: The Deer Paint by Number Tray from Fishs Eddy

ff2I love today’s find: the Deer Paint by Number Tray I found from the fine folks at Fishs Eddy.

I just love the look of the whole paint-by-number craze that took place in the middle of the last century and this tray encapsulates it in all its glory.

About the Deer Paint by Number Tray from Fishs Eddy: “Paint-By-Number kits burst into popularity in the early 1950s, embodying post-war prosperity, Americans’ increased leisure time, and the democratic idea that anyone could be an artist. Pre-mixed, numbered paints were applied to their corresponding spaces on a grid-like canvas, gradually revealing a DIY masterpiece. Our Deer Paint-By-Number bar tray pays tribute to this ephemeral phenomenon and features a wooodland scene complete with a deer and running brook.”

See the Deer Paint by Number Tray from Fishs Eddy here.

See all the other cool products from Fishs Eddy here.

colapSeveral years ago I gave a dear friend of mine a collapsible water bowl for Christmas. The water bowl, made of canvas, was designed for you to be able to carry it around and pull it out whenever you needed to give your dog a quick drink. This was the perfect gift for my friend – a true dog lover and mother of two pups at the time. Well, when my friend opened the gift, she thought the collapsible bowl was a hat and promptly placed it on her head, something we still laugh about all these years later.

I tell this story to illustrate why I was so thrilled to find the great Dog Accessories collection from the fine folks at Burkelman – including a Collapsible Water Bowl.

About the Collapsible Water Bowl from Burkelman: “Inspired by true military buckets, this collapsible and machine washable, canvas water bowl is versatile and can be used for kibble or water. Unclip from your leash or belt loop, expand and fill. When your ‘best friend’ is finished just empty, collapse and re-clip.”

I personally think Burkelman’s Collapsible Water Bowl would make the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life…

…or a snazzy hat.

Find all the great products from Burkelman here.

southernAs an old New England Yankee now living in the Midwest, I am oddly attracted to the culture of the southern US – go figure. I fancy myself as a modern day Rhett Butler, the perfect southern gentleman who is a bit of a rascal but has all the charm in the world. To help me in this fantasy I have found a great primer: A Southern Gentleman’s Kitchen: Adventures in Cooking, Eating, and Living in the New South by Matt Moore

About A Southern Gentleman’s Kitchen by Matt Moore: “Today, in addition to being chivalrous, honest, and generous, a Southern gentleman is socially connected, well-traveled, and has an appetite for life. In this part-cookbook and part-guidebook, Matt Moore embraces a fresh perspective on what it means to cook, eat, and live as a true Southern Gentleman in the 21st century. Moore takes readers on an entertaining walk through the life of a Southern gentleman using recipes for 150 distinctly simple Southern dishes for every meal of the day, plus tales from family and some well-known friends. Gorgeous full-color photography graces this culinary update on authentic Southern cuisine. Featured recipes include everything from Seafood Gumbo and Gameday Venison Chili to desserts like Grilled Georgia Peach Crisp and favorite cocktails like The Brown Derby and NOLA Sazerac.”

More than a cookbook (and there are some great recipes in here) A Southern Gentleman’s Kitchen is also a handbook and guide to living a great life in the “New South” and anywhere else with a little imagination.

A Southern Gentleman’s Kitchen by Matt Moore is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers.

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panThe fine folks at FeLion Studios create some really amazing pieces of art from cast iron, including a wonderful collection of cast iron pans in the shape of each U.S. state.

About FeLion Studios:

“FeLion Studios is a design / build sculpture studio specializing in cast iron art, custom castings and commercial commissions. We’re driven by a craft-centric methodology that strives to exceed expectations in every aspect of our process, from concept to design and into the final finish.”

About the State Pans from FeLion Studios:

“Each of the ‘made In America’ state pans are entirely unique, hand-cast, made to order, limited edition reproductions of the original patterns used to create the large interlocking map of 48 contiguous states of America. Only 50 pans of each state will ever be produced.”

Ok, well living in one of the middle “square” states – like Kansas where only a little of the Missouri border in the northeast is irregular along the Missouri River where I happen to live – these pans are not so interesting but still very cool. But take a state like say, New Hampshire, and you really have a nice piece of art.

Or check out the Oklahoma pan that in effect has two, count them, two, panhandles.

Find all the State Pans from Felion Studios here.

savI think I may have found the perfect autumn soup to satisfy my seasonal soup kick – this recipe for Savory Pumpkin and Sage Soup I found from the good folks at Good Housekeeping magazine.

About the recipe for Savory Pumpkin and Sage Soup from Good Housekeeping magazine:

“This savory spin on everyone’s go-to autumn gourd is perfect for an evening in the garden.”

Find the recipe for Savory Pumpkin and Sage Soup from Good Housekeeping here.

Find all the other recipes and helpful information from Good Housekeeping here.

bcIf we are going to find a cure for breast cancer, it will be through research – exactly what the fine folks at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation are all about.

About the Breast Cancer Research Foundation: “We want to put an end to breast cancer. Our goal: No more fear. No more hospital visits. No more side effects or needless suffering. No more loved ones lost to breast cancer. The only way to achieve this goal is through research. Research is revolutionizing our understanding of cancer. Research is leading us to the core of this insidious disease. Research is transforming lives every day as women and men get the help they need. We believe research—and research alone—has the power to bring an end to cancer. We know what needs to be done, and we have more than 200 researchers urgently working on solutions to one of the world’s greatest problems.”

Learn more about the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and how you can support them here.