woolI love the idea behind the fine folks at Wool and the Gang.

Basically, Wool and the Gang brings together a group of knitters (as in needles and yarn) to produce quality items, one at a time. But Wool and the Gang is more – you can browse their site and see, say, a scarf you like, and decided to order it ready made by one of the gang – or order the pattern, yarn, and needles to DIY. A very cool concept which I hope succeeds.

About Wool and the Gang: “We’ve all done it, purchased low quality, cheap fast fashion made in factories abroad and wondered “how do they make it so cheap?” The reality is not good. There has to be a better way to produce, one that allows us to wear with pride and sleep soundly. So Wool and the Gang was born — pioneering fashion production that’s made in a sustainable way, bringing back knitting as a viable means of production for generations to come.”

I have scores of sweaters, mostly mass produced by machine, but the few hand-knit sweaters that I own stand out for their quality and uniqueness – which I why Wool and the Gang is an awesome idea.

Learn more about Wool and the Gang here.