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cccI have definitely known dog and cats in my life that I liked better than people – or most people, I should say. So the discussion about giving more “rights” to our pets is an interesting one to me. In his new book, Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship with Cats and Dogs, author David Grimm provides some interesting food for thought on the subject of whether or not we are ready to make our pets a true part of our community and give them the privileges and protections that go along with it.

About Citizen Canine by David Grimm: “Dogs are getting lawyers. Cats are getting kidney transplants. Could they one day be fellow citizens? Cats and dogs were once wild animals. Today, they are family members and surrogate children. A little over a century ago, pets didn’t warrant the meager legal status of property. Now, they have more rights and protections than any other animal in the country. Some say they’re even on the verge of becoming legal persons. How did we get here—and what happens next? In this fascinating exploration of the changing status of dogs and cats in society, pet lover and award-winning journalist David Grimm explores the rich and surprising history of our favorite companion animals. He treks the long and often torturous path from their wild origins to their dark days in the middle ages to their current standing as the most valued animals on Earth. As he travels across the country—riding along with Los Angeles detectives as they investigate animal cruelty cases, touring the devastation of New Orleans in search of the orphaned pets of Hurricane Katrina, and coming face-to-face with wolves and feral cats—Grimm reveals the changing social attitudes that have turned pets into family members, and the remarkable laws and court cases that have elevated them to quasi citizens.”

I have to say first and foremost, I love the title, Citizen Canine, which is way more cheeky than the book’s subject matter. However, once you explore the evolution of dogs and cats from companions to family members, you will never look at our furry friends the same way again.

Citizen Canine by David Grimm is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers.