FF: The Ratchet Salad Spinner from Kuhnrikon

kuhSometimes I feel my entire life has been one great big search for the perfect salad spinner. I think I may have found it: the Swiss-made Ratchet Salad Spinner from the fine folks at Kuhnrikon.

About the Ratchet Salad Spinner from Kuhnrikon: “We paired our remarkable ratchet handle with a salad spinner. This Ratchet Salad Spinner removes excess moisture from lettuce, spinach, herbs, vegetables, and berries in an instant. The ratchet handle gives you more power with less effort and is easier on hands than other salad spinners. Easy-access brake buttons allow you to stop spinner in an instant. Doubles as colander and serving bowl.”

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FF: Grady’s Cold Brew

gradInstant coffee may be a relic of the middle of the last century, but cold brew coffee bags, like Grady’s Cold Brew, are very much of the here and now.

About Grady’s Cold Brew: “Grady’s Cold Brew is a New Orleans–style coffee concentrate that’s brewed and bottled by hand in Brooklyn, New York. Each batch is made by steeping a special blend of freshly roasted coffee and chicory in water overnight, then removing the grounds using a two-step filtration process. What’s left? A bold, velvety-smooth liquid concentrate that can be mixed with milk or water—served over ice or steaming hot.”

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