panThe fine folks at FeLion Studios create some really amazing pieces of art from cast iron, including a wonderful collection of cast iron pans in the shape of each U.S. state.

About FeLion Studios:

“FeLion Studios is a design / build sculpture studio specializing in cast iron art, custom castings and commercial commissions. We’re driven by a craft-centric methodology that strives to exceed expectations in every aspect of our process, from concept to design and into the final finish.”

About the State Pans from FeLion Studios:

“Each of the ‘made In America’ state pans are entirely unique, hand-cast, made to order, limited edition reproductions of the original patterns used to create the large interlocking map of 48 contiguous states of America. Only 50 pans of each state will ever be produced.”

Ok, well living in one of the middle “square” states – like Kansas where only a little of the Missouri border in the northeast is irregular along the Missouri River where I happen to live – these pans are not so interesting but still very cool. But take a state like say, New Hampshire, and you really have a nice piece of art.

Or check out the Oklahoma pan that in effect has two, count them, two, panhandles.

Find all the State Pans from Felion Studios here.