colapSeveral years ago I gave a dear friend of mine a collapsible water bowl for Christmas. The water bowl, made of canvas, was designed for you to be able to carry it around and pull it out whenever you needed to give your dog a quick drink. This was the perfect gift for my friend – a true dog lover and mother of two pups at the time. Well, when my friend opened the gift, she thought the collapsible bowl was a hat and promptly placed it on her head, something we still laugh about all these years later.

I tell this story to illustrate why I was so thrilled to find the great Dog Accessories collection from the fine folks at Burkelman – including a Collapsible Water Bowl.

About the Collapsible Water Bowl from Burkelman: “Inspired by true military buckets, this collapsible and machine washable, canvas water bowl is versatile and can be used for kibble or water. Unclip from your leash or belt loop, expand and fill. When your ‘best friend’ is finished just empty, collapse and re-clip.”

I personally think Burkelman’s Collapsible Water Bowl would make the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life…

…or a snazzy hat.

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