peaI eat a lot of peanuts. Preferably, I like peanuts roasted and salted in the shell. I can polish off a whole bag at a baseball game or while just watching a movie. I usually buy the standard bag available at the local grocery store. However, for a real treat I go for the good stuff, like the Roasted-in-the-shell Salty Peanuts I found from the fine folks at Bertie County Peanuts from North Carolina.

About The Roasted-in-the-shell Salty Peanuts from Bertie County Peanuts: “There’s nothing like working feverishly to crack open a peanut knowing that your hard work will be rewarded. What lies inside the shell are some of the best tasting peanuts ever. The plain roasted peanuts are roasted and shipped without any liquid cleaning of the shells. Therefore, the shells of those peanuts will often be off color (dark brown; black; multi-colored, etc.). Those colors are representative of the soil and weather conditions in which the peanut was grown. The peanut kernel inside the shell is perfectly ok to eat and is not affected by the color of the exterior shell. In contrast, both the salted and hot and spicy roasted peanuts are subjected to a liquid curing process. The water, in combination with the salt and other spices, creates a uniform shell color by removing the dark colors from the shells.”

If you are up for a real southern specialty, check out Bertie County’s Boiled Peanuts: “Boiled peanuts are a Southern tradition and these are some of the best we’ve tasted. When you heat these up, you will be able to close your eyes and almost smell the salt air and hear the pounding surf on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. We’ve tasted a lot of boiled peanuts, but these are the best we’ve ever had!”

Learn more about Bertie County Peanuts and see all their fine offerings here.