HOLIDAY FIND: The Advent Calendar from Hotel Chocolat

c2About the Advent Calendar from Hotel Chocolat:

“Let the countdown to Christmas begin with our beautiful all-milk chocolate advent calendar. Featuring 24 fabulous Christmas sculptures, including reindeer, snowmen, penguins and enchanted Christmas trees, to name just a few, cast in our mellow and creamy 40% milk chocolate.”

Find the Advent Calendar from Hotel Chocolat here.

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GIFT WE WANT: The “Pottle” from Wilder of Nashville.

About the “Pottle” from Wilder of Nashville:

“The Pottle from Saikai is made of heat-resistant enamel in a brilliant blue color. It features a removable lid, a spout, and large rectangular handles.”


Find the “Pottle” from Wilder of Nashville here.