huset1I have long been a fan of Scandinavian design and the cool products that come out of that part of the world. Although one tends to think of furniture when hearing about Scandinavian design, the fine folks at Huset offer products for every part of your life and they are all cool.

About Huset: “Huset, which means “the house” in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian is a one-stop shop for the best in modern Scandinavian design. Huset offers a thoughtful collection of clean, clever, and contemporary items for modern living. In addition we also present designers, and design news for those of you that are interested to know more about what is going on in the Scandinavian design arena.”

A few Scandinavian products from Huset that caught my eye include…

…the Pettson and Findus Subtraction Flash Cards Game (above right):

“Swedish characters Pettson and Findus decorate this wonderful subtraction card game that gives your child hours of fun learning their subtraction tables. Comes with English instructions and each card gives some wonderful examples of Swedish illustrator Sven Nordqvist whimsical work. 90 cards with wonderful graphics from Pettson and Findus World. Pettson and Findus are beloved Sweidsh characters created by Swedish author Sven Nordqvist. The books feature an old farmer (Pettson) and his cat (Findus) who live in a small ramshackle farmhouse in the countryside. His neighbours regard him as a bit odd. However, he does have the company of a cat, Findus. Findus is dressed in a green-striped costume and wears a cap. Pettson and Findus can converse with each other, and the cat can stand up on his two hind legs like a human – Findus thus appears and behaves as if he were a small child. However, Findus, unlike Pettson, is aware of other “small creatures” living in the house, who play havoc with Pettson’s belongings.”

huset2…and the Rice dk Two Tone Melamine Cups (right):

“These wonderful melamine cups from Rice dk, are a lovely addition to your kitchen or picnic basket. These cups are stackable, durable and adorable. So many bold, bright and beautiful colors and fun prints to choose from. Far less breakable than glass or plastic, they are able to withstand the most energetic of children as well as the most inebriated of adults – who could ask for more?”

See all the great Scandinavian products available from Huset here.