I have never been good at growing and keeping a beard. But I have always wanted to have one, but never had a good reason to grow on. Well, until now. I have found the perfect excuse to grow a beard: the Brass Beard Comb I found from the fine folks at Michele Varian.


About the Brass Beard Comb from Michele Varian: “For the Gentleman who grooms his mustache or beard, this is the ideal accessory. Heavily ornate this old fashioned comb has hand engraved patterns and scroll, in the Victorian style. New York City is engraved on one side of the comb to signify where it was made – this used to be a common practice of makers. The comb is is made from nickel and folds out of a brass cover. The comb comes with a hand made fabric sleeve to keep it in . The comb is easy to use and effective – we advise to wash and dry the comb in water after use.”

Find the Brass Beard Comb from Michele Varian here.

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