CarveWhen I was a kid we used to make ink stamps from potatoes. We would cut the potato in half and then carve out a design in the flat white of the middle – just dip it on an ink pad, press to paper, and you have your very own custom stamp.

Now I can carry on this tradition (without wasting a perfectly fine potato) with the Carve a Stamp Kit I found from the fine folks at Maker Shed.

About the Carve a Stamp Kit from Maker Shed: “Create your own unique stamps with this all-in-one stamp carving kit. From stamping blocks to carving blades, this kit has it all. What’s unique about this kit is that the stamping block is two sided allowing for different designs. Finished with the carving and need a place to store your stamping block? Simply place it in the included muslin keepsake bag for safekeeping. The included ink comes in a vibrant red color allowing your designs to stand out.”

Find the Carve a Stamp Kit from Maker Shed here.

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