pedeWhen you say “electric bicycles” people instantly picture those vintage mo-peds that were not very cool. However, when you introduce people to Pedego Electric Bikes, they will want to buy one right away. Seriously, Pedego Electric Bikes are really cool bicycles, electric or not.

About Pedego Electric Bikes:

“An electric bike is just like a regular bicycle – only better. You can pedal normally (or not), and get assistance up to 20 MPH. It gives you the freedom to go farther and faster, without getting too sweaty. You’re empowered to conquer hills and headwinds with ease. It feels like being a kid again!”

Pedego Electric Bikes have many different models, I really like their classic City Commuter:

“The Pedego City Commuter is a complete package with everything you could possibly want in an electric bike — all in one place for a reasonable price.”

If I start saving now, I may be able to purchase one just in time for the spring biking season.

Learn more about Pedego Electric Bikes here.