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Celebrating the 2016 Craft Bowl – I present a project I recently completed…

Ipw1n the early days of Lost Cowboy, I entertained my readers with tales of the paper white flowers I grew in the winter. I was thinking that I should restart the tradition and this year I have. Paper whites are bulb flowers that are relatively easy to grow inside and help bring a little bit of spring inside in the middle of winter.

This year, I started with a trip to Dollar Tree to pick a few key supplies. First, I needed the vessel for holding my plants. I chose these Round Glass Floral Bowls (right) – I purchase four, and at only one dollar each I was off to a good start.

Next, also at Dollar Tree, I picked up a few bags of Multi-colored River Rocks to fill the glass bowls.


Setting up the vessels for the bulbs was simple. First, I took the rocks and put them in the glass bowls.


Next, I prepared the bulbs, and added water to the rocks – careful not to put too much water, the water line was just below the top layer of rocks.


Next, I placed the bulbs, root side down, into the rock, careful to only expose about the bottom quarter to the water. I did the same for the four glass bowls I prepared, and then placed them in my kitchen window.

In a week or so they should be sprouting up a few inches, and in about two weeks they should be blooming. Keep checking back for updates.

While browsing one of my favorite art sites, 20×200, I came across the work of artist Christine Berrie and fell in love with her work – like this 28 Camera Drawings:


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