skullThis is kind of creepy, but very cool at the same time: the Agatized Fossil Coral Carved Skull I found from the fine folks at Love Adorned.

About the Agatized Fossil Coral Carved Skull from Love Adorned: “This hand carved skull can serve as a memento mori, danger symbol, paperweight, or a great piece of decor—your call. Coral is the transformed external skeleton of sea animals consisting mainly from aragonite mineral. This coral has been fossilized over millions of years resulting in a solid piece of agatized fossil coral. Since fossil coral is a combination of coral and agate, it carries many strong metaphysical beliefs. Agate is associated with the zodiacal signs Scorpio and Gemini, and agate is said to be ruled by the moon. It is a grounding stone and is supposedly good for bringing about change.”

Well, a Coral Carved Skull may not make a great Valentine’s gift, but you have to think a place called Love Adorned has to have something that will make your honey happy.

Find the Agatized Fossil Coral Carved Skull from Love Adorned here.

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