linusI am a goner. Or at least the space in my garage is a goner as I have fallen in love with the Rover Urban Cruiser from the fine folks at Linus Bikes. The space is a goner because I already have two perfectly fine (actually awesome) bikes and the last I heard I can only ride one at a time. But a boy can dream, right?

About the Rover from Linus Bikes:

“Our new Urban Cruiser was designed with the elegant lines and dignified profile you’ve come to expect from Linus, but on big 29er wheels that glide over curbs, pot holes, and downed telephone poles. When you’re not conquering urban chaos, it also makes for a very comfortable and uniquely stylish ride along boardwalks and country roads. There’s really no place the Rover can’t go.”

Find the Rover from Linus Bikes here.

Learn more about Linus Bikes here.