stonesI have posted in the past about my love of the work of artist Greg Stones. I love his work so much that I think I posted about it multiple times and I have a dozen or so pieces of his work, including an original painting that is one of my most prized pieces in my collection.

Now I am beside myself with the knowledge that Mr. Stones, who is best known for his quirky depictions of zombies, aliens and sock monkeys, is open to painting custom works. Wow!

From artist Greg Stones’ website: “You want me to paint you something? I WILL PAINT YOU SOMETHING! I will gladly paint your house or your pet, or anything involving penguins, zombies, sock monkeys, rabbits, cats, dogs, robots, ninjas, garden gnomes, or Bigfoot. The only things I will not paint? Humans portraits and cars. Not my thing. Thanks!”

I am going to have to think about exactly what I would like painted by this extremely talented dude. A zombie on the roof of my house?

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