smokedWisconsin claims the cheese crown these days, but I have to say, some of the best cheeses I have ever had were the fine cheeses that come from Vermont. That said, some of the best cheese I’ve tried from Vermont came from the fine folks at Plymouth Artisan Cheese.

About Plymouth Artisan Cheese: “We are a Vermont company that produces artisanal raw cow’s milk cheeses with milk received from a single local herd that we continually monitor for quality. All of our milk comes from a farm that engages in the best dairy practices and humane treatment of their livestock. Only the finest and freshest milk goes into our cheeses. We are also dedicated to the ideas and philosophies of the slow food movement; knowing where your food comes, how it is made, and to the preservation of the working landscapes of Vermont. Your patronage will help ensure that future.”

You have to try Plymouth Artisan’s Smoked Cheese: “Smoked is created using a traditional Vermont hickory smoking technique. Smoked has a rich and smoky flavor that uniquely compliments the texture of Orignal Plymouth.”

But you can do wrong with their Original Plymouth Cheese: “This is our signature cheese, revived from an original 1890’s Vermont recipe. A full bodied mature cheese with extremely well developed flavors that has been aged to bring it out of its full potential. It is a sharp cheese with notes of butter, fruit and nuts.”

Learn more about Vermont’s Plymouth Artisan Cheese and visit their online shop here