FF: The Milkshake Cupcake from Crumbs

ff1Seriously, all we need to say is three words:




About the Milkshake Cupcake from the fine folks at Crumbs:

“Marble cake filled with vanilla cream cheese frosting mixed with chocolate sandwich cookie crumbs, topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting swirled with chocolate cream cheese frosting and edged with chocolate crunchies.”

Find the Milkshake Cupcake from Crumbs here.

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FF: GT’s Classic Kombucha

ff2I’ve been holding on to this find since I first tried last summer while on my visit to Seattle – the very fine GT’s Classic Kombucha.

GT’s Classic Kombucha:

“Our Classic line of GT’s Kombucha has the bold and identifiable effect that we first introduced in 1995 that made the name GT’s Kombucha synonymous with quality. We have chosen to modify our labeling instead of compromise our formula. GT’s Classic may contain more than 0.5% alcohol therefore you must be 21 or over to purchase.”

Find GT’s Classic Kombucha here.

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