ghurFirst of all, I love the fine handmade leather bags of Ghurka. However, I can’t tell you how much I adore Ghurka’s Vintage Collection. Heck, the illustration alone on the landing page of Ghurka’s Vintage Collection is enough to get me all excited. But the fine products are what makes Ghurka so awesome, like the Envoy No. 10 bag I found from their Vintage Collection.

About the Envoy No. 10 bag from Ghurka’s Vintage Collection: “A sophisticated design from our vintage business collection, the Envoy is a streamlined style for the discerning professional. Originally made for those who take a slender portfolio of important papers to a meeting. And today, would take those papers and fit an iPad or similar size tablet as well. The tan saddle has aged beautifully. Elegant kukri curve styling features the original Ghurka medallion logo.”

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